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Regulations of IRAS
April. 29, 2008. Rules No.812
Article 1 (Mission)
The purpose of the current regulations is to establish the organization and management of the Institute.
Article 2 (Works)
IRS works for the fulfilment of the following duties:
1. Research regarding how to teach Russian
2. Research of Russian literatures and cultures and developmnent of their methodology
3. Participation in the interdisciplinary works
4. Translation of Russian literary classics
5. Joint conference of Korean-Russian scholars and coworks
6. Establishment of information networks on Russian
7. Other projects relating to IRS's general mission
Article 3 (Director)
The University president appoints one of faculty members with associate professor and higher ranks as the director of the Institute.
Article 4 (Organization and Function)
1. There are three sections in IRS: Research sections on Russian literature and language, Research sections on interdisciplinary works, and Research-Cooperation sections on industry-university-government coworks
2. The chief of each section is appointed among the faculty members with permanent lecturer and higher ranks by the director. The term is two years.
Article 5 (Researchers)
1. There are three types of researchers in IRS: general researcher, invited researcher, special researcher, and assistant.
2. The general researcher is selected by the director among faculty members.
3. The invited researcher is selected in accordance with the regulations of invited researchers.
4. The special researcher is appointed in faculty members of other academic institutions by the director.
5. The assistant is chosen by the director, whose minimum qualification is BA holder.
6. Administrative personnel can be hired.
Article 6 (Manegerial committee)
1. The manegerial committee is set up for discussion and making decision about important tasks
2. The director chairs the committee, whose members numbers no greater than 7, among them being three section chiefs.
3. Committee members are selected and appointed by the director among faculty members of CBNU, and their term is two years, extending the term one more time.
4. The chair presides over the affairs of the committee.
5. The committee discusses the following items:
   1. establishment of basic operational plans
   2. establishment of budgets and settled amounts
   3. establishment and abrogation of regulations
   4. Selection of institute research topics and assessment of research activities and results
   5. Other affairs.
6. The committee is established by the presence of more than half committee members. Items are approved by the mojority of presented members.
Article 7 (Advisory members)
1. The director can appoint advisory members with their term being two years.
Article 8 (Finance)
1. The finance of IRS is made up by research funds, research subsidiary funds, and other sources of revenue.

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