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  The institute for Russian and Altaic Studies (IRAS) at Chungbuk National University is a continuation of former Institute of Russian Studies, established on 2003. IRAS focuses not only on Russia and neighboring states such as Ukraine and Belarus, but also on the peripheral regions, which have been referred to as "Altaic Regions". Although the term Altai has not been rigorously defined and agreed upon among scholars in terms of its intension and extension, IRAS attemps to provide an academic definition for the term. In order to achieve such a goal, IRAS performs the following missions. First, IRAS produces a significant amount of academic researches with respect to Altai people, culture, society and environment. Second, IRAS produces useful material about the Altaic region, which is gathered, classified and digitalized as the form of database. Third, IRAS will devote itself to educating people who will be future research personnels, by developing academic curriculum and institutionalizing education center.

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